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The Myth of Jesus?

3 Dec 2018
Why leading atheists cringe when you say Jesus never lived

Why you’ll be thankful you read this blog post

16 Nov 2018
Did you know that there is a global 'Thank You Day'?

How are you?

2 Nov 2018
How to honestly answer your colleagues

All the time in the world?

22 Oct 2018
If you rethink time - you'll have all the time you need

Questions for an immigrant

The Edge
15 Oct 2018
A personal story of crossing the cultural divide

Jesus is the Question

Bigger Questions
12 Oct 2018
A poem by Cam Semmens shared at a recording of Bigger Questions. Something to get you to think.

"God is a Woman": What men (and women) need to learn

10 Oct 2018
Ariana Grande’s song “God is a Woman” (2018) is a cultural tour de force.

Five ways in which Netflix reveals something bigger

Bigger Questions
27 Sep 2018
How modern popular culture reveals something bigger.

Did you know that Jesus was friendly with the seedy and corrupt?

Bible Shots
17 Sep 2018
A Bible Shots Talk by Sam Chan

Headstart: Do you want to start over? #5 R&R

18 Jul 2018