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Five ways in which Netflix reveals something bigger

Bigger Questions
27 Sep 2018
How modern popular culture reveals something bigger.

Did you know that Jesus was friendly with the seedy and corrupt?

Bible Shots
17 Sep 2018
A Bible Shots Talk by Sam Chan

Headstart: Do you want to start over? #5 R&R

18 Jul 2018

Headstart: Do you want to start over? #3 RELATIONSHIPS

6 Jul 2018
RESET: Office Relationships

Review of For the Love of God

The Edge
4 Jun 2018
Tell us about the film

How to get unstuck

9 May 2018
Book review: How to get unstuck by Matt Perman

Why Fair Trade?

Bigger Questions
30 Apr 2018
‘Change today, buy fairtrade’.

Australian cricket - all balls but no brain

29 Mar 2018
What were you thinking?

Reel Dialogue website

Reel Dialogue
17 Mar 2018
Two good family options this weekend

Who are we to judge Matt Lodge or Barnaby Joyce?

8 Mar 2018
Tonight, rugby league kicks off for another year and Brisbane is buzzing.