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Review of For the Love of God

The Edge
4 Jun 2018
Tell us about the film

How to get unstuck

9 May 2018
Book review: How to get unstuck by Matt Perman

Why Fair Trade?

Bigger Questions
30 Apr 2018
‘Change today, buy fairtrade’.

Australian cricket - all balls but no brain

29 Mar 2018
What were you thinking?

Reel Dialogue website

Reel Dialogue
17 Mar 2018
Is this true to life story of a synchronised mens swim club worth getting in the pool to experience?

Who are we to judge Matt Lodge or Barnaby Joyce?

8 Mar 2018
Tonight, rugby league kicks off for another year and Brisbane is buzzing.

Red Sparrow

Reel Dialogue
1 Mar 2018
Gone are the days of sophisticated spy thrillers

Black Panther

Reel Dialogue
7 Feb 2018
Is this one of the best MCU origin films?

Isn't the Bible corrupt and untrustworthy?

Bigger Questions
5 Feb 2018
Isn't the Bible just a bunch of ‘Chinese whispers’?

Phantom Thread

Reel Dialogue
31 Jan 2018
Is this the best film that no one knows about?