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The story of gay marriage?

Nov 23rd, 2011
If we can ground our preferences in notions of what makes marriage good or bad, then I think we'll have gone a long way to making the most of this opportunity.

Dawkins and the lack of scientific evidence

Nov 20th, 2011
A comment on Richard Dawkins and his lack of evidence about scientists

Ooh, Richard, what kind of evidence?

Nov 14th, 2011
Has Richard Dawkins read any historical scholarship on Jesus?

Dawkins and his lack of scientific evidence

1 Nov 2011
Richard Dawkins thinks Christianity is anti-evidence. What is his evidence for this?

Are the gospels historical records? Yes, they are eyewitness accounts

Oct 27th, 2011
The gospels, are they myths or legends or eyewitness accounts? A review of a recent book

Ho hum, sex again

25 Oct 2011
A whole new approach to sexuality discovered... really?

How could Richard Dawkins be so naive?

Oct 20th, 2011
Richard Dawkins separates the question of who or what is a human and the issue of suffering. How could he be so naive?

Inception - 'You're waiting for a train...'

Oct 5th, 2011
Whatever Christopher Nolan said in 'Inception', he certainly said it well

Unicorns and proof

Sep 21st, 2011
The onus is on me to prove that Unicorns exist. But what about other claims?

10 years on from September 11

Sep 12th, 2011
Some reflections on how September 11 2001 changed the spiritual landscape