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Bible reading guides

Want to read the Bible but don't know where to start?

Our Bible reading guides are designed to be accessible and helpful for people who might be reading the Bible for the first time. Or for those who want to get a fresh perspective.

A fresh new way for people to read the Easter story, and consider its impact

Why is Easter so potent? Surely it is because Easter deals with the most spine-tingling topic possible: death, judgement, and the possibility of surviving them both.

A fascinating window into what God thinks is wise

A collection of ancient proverbs from the Bible and sayings of Jesus on different aspects of everyday life such as family, work, wealth, speech and wisdom. Each topic is briefly introduced by a city worker.

The account of the birth of Jesus

This guide will walk you through the original accounts of the first Christmas. It also includes reflections from men and women from a variety of professions and backgrounds.

Encountering Jesus today and the difference he makes

We love Good News. This is a reading guide to make the most of Bigger Questions!

A soul's search for meaning

We're constantly looking for meaning in life - a sense of purpose or identity that has lasting value. Am I defined by my job, possessions, and relationships? Should I amuse myself with frivolous activity?