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Prayer teams

Want to meet with other Christians to pray for your workplace?

It can be challenging being a Christian at work, yet it’s where we spend most of our waking hours. The way we act and speak is watched day in and day out by our colleagues and very quickly people see our priorities, our loves and what really makes us tick.

Work is one of the main places where you live out your Christian life in front of other people and this can kindle their curiosity in Jesus.

An Evangelistic Prayer Team (EPT) is a way to support Christians in being Jesus’ ambassadors at work.

Evangelistic Prayer Team

An EPT is made up of 4-7 people meeting for 40 minutes once a week or fortnight to pray together for opportunities to make progress in sharing the gospel of Jesus at work, as well as enjoying fellowship and encouragement.

Because of their size, EPTs are flexible and can occur at any time of the work day, anywhere in your business district or outside the city.

EPTs are not bible study groups or pastoral groups. They concentrate on growing a passion for those who haven’t had the chance to hear or haven’t understood the great news of Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

Resources to help

City Bible Forum has produced a special booklet called the EPT Partners' guide and an Android app to help people record prayer notes from groups they are in. Contact us if you'd like us to post you some EPT Partners' guides ($5 each plus postage)

The android app [Download it here]

This is a useful tool for Christians who team up to pray for each other and their work mates. Use it to keep our prayer organised and focused.


  • set up multiple teams (for work, church, ...)
  • ”Action Steps" offer suggestions for making progress in sharing what you believe
  • use the app when praying with your team, and in private
  • helpful articles on evangelism and running a Prayer Team for evangelism
  • send emails to your team partners for meeting reminders etc
  • end-of-year review
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