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Chasing Life reading guide

Sam Chan, Kate Bracks, Ian Harper, Anna McGahan, Walter Lewin, Craig Broman, Jacky Hodges, Bob Beaumont, Al Stewart
1 May 2018
A Soul's search for meaning (Ecclesiastes)

Why am I not an atheist? | David Robertson

Bigger Questions
David Robertson
2 Jul 2017
This Bigger Questions episode is a re-release of Episode 72 (hence the absence of episode number)

Is there a spiritual dimension? | Julia Pope

Bigger Questions
Julia Pope
9 Jul 2017
Happy New Year from Bigger Questions. Hope you enjoy this episode re-release.

Does the Bible really work? | Tim Curtis

Bigger Questions
Tim Curtis
30 Dec 2018
Tim Curtis had never met a Christian and instead just read the Bible. What happened?

What happened when Santa learned the Gospel? | Simon Camilleri

Bigger Questions
Simon Camilleri
23 Dec 2018
Happy Christmas from Bigger Questions. Hope you enjoy this episode originally released last year.