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Ep 124: Would we be better off without Christianity? | Simon Smart

Bigger Questions
Simon Smart
17 Mar 2019
There are many things we may be better off without: slow Internet and pineapple on pizza, but what about the Christian faith? In an honest conversation Simon Smart confronts the failings of the church and offers another possibly better story.

What time is it?

Bible Shots
Peter Jensen
13 Mar 2019
Peter Jensen walks us through Jesus' parables to help us see what time Jesus said it was.

Aliens and UFO's: Is the truth still out there? | Michael & Christina Smith

Bigger Questions
Michael Smith, Christina Smith
10 Mar 2019
Are we alone in the universe? Why are we fascinated with UFO's? We tackle the big questions about extra-terrestrial life and the likelihood of aliens visiting our planet in a conversation out of this world.

The Powerful Son

City Legal
Kanishka Raffel
7 Mar 2019
Nature or nurture? Do we have the power to change?

What would Jesus say to the middle manager

Bible Shots
Sam Chan
6 Mar 2019
Sam Chan considers what Jesus says to people who are in the middle of the corporate ladder.