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Prayer teams in Adelaide

In Adelaide we offer Evangelistic Prayer Teams (EPTs) and support Associate Prayer Groups to encourage Christians in being Jesus' witnesses at work.

View locations and descriptions of our current EPT groups by clicking the maps below.

Groups in the Adelaide CBD


Groups in the wider metropolitan area


Associate Prayer Groups

Already in a bible study, prayer or other group and be willing to commit to praying for opportunities to share the gospel at work? Then why not become an Associate Prayer Group.

Associate Prayer Groups commit to praying for their colleagues at least once a month or better still fortnightly or more.

Why become an Associate Prayer Group? Prayer for work and in particular our witness at work can often be forgotten when we meet as Christians. Praying for each other and our colleagues at work is immensely practical and a helpful way of supporting each other as Christians and helping to see the Gospel go out.

We can send you group prayer journals, details on our events and training, come visit... whatever's helpful for you.

We'd love to see every Christian worker praying for their workplace so that every worker gets the opportunity to hear the gospel and be saved. Will you join us?

To find out more or become an Associate Prayer Group please contact us.