The Future of Work | Reaching the world
The pitfalls and possibilities of technology
Finished on 4 Apr 2019, 7.15am-8.30am

"You can't just stop technological progress. Even if one country stops researching artificial intelligence, some other countries will continue to do it. The real question is what you do with the technology" (Yuval Noah Harari, author Sapiens)

The working world continues to change. Many jobs of today didn't exist ten years ago, and may not exist in ten years. New technologies keep emerging - some will disrupt, others will disappear. The future of work is exciting and terrifying.

How does the Christian faith help us respond to these changes? How does it help us avoid the pitfalls of technological progress, and embrace the possibilities for good?

Join us for our 2019 Life@Work breakfast series as we explore The Future of Work, and discover how Christians can model what it means to be fully human in a technological world - for the good of their colleagues and the glory of God.

1. The wonder of technology (April 3rd or 4th)

Part of being human is being made of the image of a worker God to cultivate creation. Wonder should drive our cultivation, as we seek to create and develop new technologies for the good of others and the glory of God. But how do we cultivate this wonder in ourselves and in our work?

2. Twisted technology (June 5th or 6th)

From the Tower of Babel onward our technological developments are often twisted to the detriment of ourselves and our world. Our technology ends up ruling us. How can we be alert to the twisting of technology, especially in the age of machines and robotics?

3. Humanising work (August 28th or 29th)

At it's best, technology fosters and deepens relationships, enhancing rather than harming our humanity. How can we embrace and use technological development to humanise our workplaces?

4. Going back to the future (October 23rd or 24th)

Science-fiction gives us a vision of a future filled with cyborgs and AI. But how much of the future is already here? And should that fill us with wonder or fear? How can Christians be at the forefront of navigating a technological future for the good of our world and the glory of God?

All breakfasts 7:15-8:30am
$25 (includes hot breakfast and coffee)
OR purchase a "Season Pass" for $80 (all four for the price of three)

Slate Restaurant and Bar
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