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Bible Shots

Weekly Bible talks in the Sydney CBD

Bible Shots is a regular event hosted by City Bible Forum.

In our meetings we look at a part of the Bible, hear a short talk from one of City Bible Forum’s speakers and have the chance to engage with Q&A and discuss the passage with others who have attended the meeting.

The organisers of Bible Shots think that the Bible has something important to say to us, so we set aside time during the week to think seriously about what is written there. You don’t need to hold to any particular belief system to attend or have any prior experience with the Bible, all you need is a willingness to consider what the Bible says.

There is no need to RSVP, however if you would like to arrange for someone to meet you please contact Lachlan Orr.

Note: Bible Shots does take some breaks during the year. During 2019 talks will happen between the following dates:
February 12 - April 10
May 14 - July 3
July 23 - September 25
October 15 - December 4

There may be one off talks outside of these dates. These will be advertised on the website and should be visible in the 'upcoming events box' on this page.

Talk Series - 1st Quarter 2019

"What would Jesus say to..." by Sam Chan

"He said what? - The Parables of Jesus" by Peter Jensen

Tuesday lunchtime


St Andrews Cathedral
Corner of Bathurst and George

Wednesday lunchtime

and 1:10-1:40pm

Scots Presbyterian Church
44 Margaret St

Upcoming talks




What would Jesus say to...

February 12/13

...the isolated and lonely?

John 4:1-26

February 19/20

...the one who has it all?

Luke 19:1-10

February 26/27

...the outsider?

Matthew 15:21-28

March 5/6

...the middle manager?

Matthew 8:5-13

March 12/13

What time is it?

Mark 4:26-34

March 19/20

What really matters?

Matthew 13:44-52

March 26/27

How far will he go?

Luke 15:1-10

April 2/3

Can love destroy you?

Luke 16:1-15

April 9/10

Easter Talk