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Reel Dialogue

Engaging with films without disengaging faith

Reel Dialogue is a creative dialogue between the Christian faith and entertainment culture, with people discovering how common ground can be forged with storytellers, image shapers, and culture makers.

In essence, Reel Dialogue facilitates engagement with films without disengaging people's faith — discussion, engagement and interaction with one another help to bridge the gap between faith and culture.

TV and films are very powerful ways to tell a story and reflect cultural values, ethics and morals.

On this site, there are downloadable discussion guides and links that have all the tools groups need to reflect on, discuss and discover what spiritual truth often resides in popular films.

City Bible Forum's Reel Dialogue aims to engage and equip people with creative dialogue between faith and culture.

Reviews by Russell Matthews

Russell loves film. He enjoys engaging in discussions about the latest instalments at the cinema and then connecting this with the Gospel.

He has worked for City Bible Forum for over 12 years and is a reviewer for Insights Magazine, Entertainment Fuse and his own blog Russelling Reviews. He moderates events called Reel Dialogue which connect the film industry with the general public.

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