Recalibrate '19 | City Bible Forum Plus
Kickstart 2019. Reflect. Rest. Reset
Finished on 3 Feb 2019, 6pm-12pm

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.

Albert Einstein*

What are the rules of the workplace? What are the rules of being a Christian? What are the rules of being a Christian in a workplace?

Join us for a weekend to fine tune your life with other Christian workers at RECALIBRATE - our young workers weekend away. Now, in its fourth year, Recalibrate 18 saw our largest group of young workers with 45 worker kick starting 2018 with us.

Our goals: Reflect. Rest. Reset.

  • Reflect - In preparation for the year ahead and Headstart, let's get back into the Bible and relearn the "rules" of entering the workplace as a Christian.
  • Rest - in preparation for the year ahead, we've booked 3 houses at Palm Beach so we can all relax together
  • Reset - This will not be an intensive, jam-packed, church-camp styled weekend away. Our goal will be to have plenty of down time so you return to work on Monday excited and ready.

The goal of Headstart is two-fold: to stay connected and to get ready. This will be a weekend away where we do both - but instead of Monday night in the City Bible Forum Office, it will be over a weekend at Palm Beach.

If you have any questions, contact Jane Kim here.

* The quote was sourced from Pinterst, an historically accurate and world renowned for its thorough attribution rules. It was felt that no further research was warranted after finding the quote.