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Why I am recalibrating this year

Recalibrate is almost upon us, and so I asked Diana, as someone who recently transitioned to work, "why on earth are you coming to Recalibrate 19?". You can join her by regoing for Recalibrate here.

So Diana, happy new year! Last year was a big year for you. What happened and what do you now do to pay the bills and fund future holidays?

I finally finished uni and transitioned to work! I finally got my PhD! I currently work as a Psychologist at a school and on a child/adolescent mental health team in the public sector

OK... *straightens proverbial tie and coughs politely*... so Dr Chan, how many Headstarts have you been in 2018?

None of them.

*Cue awkward silence* So you haven't been to Headstart, our young workers community, yet you are coming to Recalibrate 19. To be blunt then - why on earth are you coming?

I'd love to make it to Headstart but I worked quite far from home and from the city last year so wasn’t able to make it.

I really love Recalibrate. I've actually been a couple of times already.

Recalibrate reorientates me at the start of the year... I enjoy the fellowship and it’s perfectly paced for a getaway at the start of the work year.

If you want to join Diana at Recalibrate 19, you are register here.

Recalibrate 19


Feb 1-3


Palm Beach, Sydney


$250 covers everything

Our promise:

You'll be refreshed for work on Monday

Kicks off:

Fri evening drinks in Palm Beach