Seminar with Mark Greene | City Bible Forum Plus

Seminar with Mark Greene

Tue 9 Jul, 9.30am-3pm
Where Level 3
221 Queen St Melbourne

Tickets (inc morning tea and lunch)

Tickets (inc morning tea and lunch)
$ 65

How do we develop a ministry that trains members for whole of life discipleship? How do we shape them so that they equip Christians to live out their faith and be fruitful for Jesus on their everyday "frontline"?

Join UK author and LICC director Mark Greene as he, along with local presenters, explain how this might be possible. Explore in detail the 6M framework Mark developed in his book Fruitfulness on the Frontline.

Mark’s challenge to the church is this: “Globally, 98% of Christians are neither envisioned nor equipped for mission in 95% of their waking lives. But just imagine if they were…”. We hope you can join us!

Please contact Andrew Laird for further information.


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221 Queen St, Melbourne
10Keynote – Mark Greene
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2Keynote – Mark Greene
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