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Is God relevant today? | Anthony B

Bigger Questions
Anthony B
27 Jan 2019
Could God be relevant today?

Is there a spiritual dimension? | Julia Pope

Bigger Questions
Julia Pope
6 Jan 2019
Does the presence of the supernatural invalidate the Bible?

Ep 116: Where can I find peace? | Grace Bennett

Bigger Questions
Grace Bennett
2 Dec 2018
A beautiful story of a woman who googled churches in her area and found more than she ever expected

Why is there never enough time? | Michelle Monro

Bigger Questions
Michelle Monro
11 Nov 2018
Do you feel too busy? Do you struggle with managing a time-poor life?

Ep 112: Is Christianity repressive? | Chris & Bec Berry

Bigger Questions
Chris Berry, Rebecca Berry
30 Sep 2018
Does Christianity stop you having fun?

How can Jesus change the brokenness of our lives? | Tim Curtis

Bigger Questions
Tim Curtis
1 Jul 2018
What do we do when life is a mess?

Ep 101: Is there life after life?

Bigger Questions
Steve Brady
20 May 2018
Do near death experiences point to life after death? Dr. Steve Brady talks about his own research and encounters with death.

Explaining Easter: how can a death 2000 years ago help me live today?

Bigger Questions
Gillian Asquith
25 Mar 2018
What is Good Friday? What is Easter? and their relevance?

Ep 96: Why would someone trust God in the face of suffering?

Bigger Questions
Andy Prideaux, Bryn Weightman
25 Feb 2018
Why do bad things happen to good people? Is God trustworthy?

How does an encounter with Jesus answer life's big questions?

Bigger Questions
Kate Bracks
18 Feb 2018
Learn about Masterchef winner Kate Bracks' Masterchef journey and her Christian faith