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Politics and economics

Ep 120: How much has the Bible shaped Australia? | Meredith Lake

Bigger Questions
Meredith Lake
10 Feb 2019
What place does the Bible have in modern day Australia?

Pay your taxes

City Legal
Michael Jensen
6 Sep 2018
Bad government is better than no government

Live at peace

City Legal
Michael Jensen
30 Aug 2018
Can there be peace in our time?

God and politics

City Legal
Michael Jensen
23 Aug 2018
A political manifesto for Christians

Ep 98: Why Fair Trade?

Bigger Questions
John Martin
29 Apr 2018
An interview with family history, biblical thoughtfulness and insight into our shopping practices.

Ep 86: Why is work so frustrating?

Bigger Questions
Ian Harper
15 Oct 2017
We ask Ian Harper (board member of Reserve Bank of Australia) some bigger questions about how he deals with the frustrations of work.

The state of religion in Australia

City Legal
Roy Williams
27 Jul 2017
What does the 2016 census tell us of the relevance of religion in Australia?

Christendom is fading away - so what?

City Legal
Al Stewart
20 Jul 2017
What are the implications of being a post-Christian culture?

Religious hate speech and public order

City Legal
Michael Kellahan
4 May 2017
Sometimes it can be dangerous speaking about Jesus

The 49th law of power

City Legal
Al Stewart
24 Nov 2016
The natural way of the world is those with power exploit those without. Yet our society knows this is not the way it should be.