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Crossing the Cultural Divide

The Edge
Deb Hannaford, Stephen Lam, Sam Chan, Justine Toh
18 Oct 2018
Latest videos of The Edge talks and the panel discussion

Ep 113: What is the right relationship with the environment? | Kath Williams

Bigger Questions
Kathryn Williams
7 Oct 2018
Forests almost feel spiritual - but does this reveal something bigger? A practical conversation which is sure to change the way you appreciate Melbourne's natural environment and perhaps find something more.

Ep 112: Is Christianity repressive? | Chris & Bec Berry

Bigger Questions
Chris Berry, Rebecca Berry
30 Sep 2018
Does Christianity stop you having fun? Two engaging stories of the pursuit of pleasure, struggles with emptiness and alcohol and then finding something bigger

What does real success look like?

City Legal
Max Jeganathan
16 Aug 2018
How do we understand and pursue real success?

Markets, Materialism and the search for meaning

City Legal
Max Jeganathan
9 Aug 2018
For many, success in life is the acquisition of greater wealth, pleasure and power. Is there a better way?

Are you a well being?

Sam Chan
7 Aug 2018
Sam Chan's tips on physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing

Finding Validation - Did I do alright?

Sam Chan
6 Aug 2018
Parents of grown up children often ask "did I do alright?"

Find the most precious jewel

City Legal
Al Stewart
2 Aug 2018
The secret of contentment

Tell the truth

City Legal
Al Stewart
26 Jul 2018
It really works

Learn to be generous

City Legal
Al Stewart
28 Jun 2018
What does Jesus teach about our possessions and why is it liberating?