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Love and peace

Plan your Christmas stopping

Bible Shots
Lachlan Orr
30 Nov 2018
Is looking forward to stopping at Christmas a sign that something is wrong?

Turning on the Christmas lights

William Taylor
25 Nov 2016
Don't miss the birthday boy this Christmas, listen to why lights are so important at Christmas

So...what is love?

Robert Martin
11 Nov 2016
Love is the 'supreme emotion' but what exactly is it?

More than... Love

Glenn Hohnberg
25 Oct 2016
There's nothing more important than love right? But what if there's more than love?

Hope for all the world

City Legal
Kanishka Raffel
20 Oct 2016
Can Jesus bring peace and justice?

Your life is not about you

The Forum in Sydney
Al Stewart
3 Aug 2016
A new angle on the idea of "looking out for number one"

You are not in control

The Forum in Sydney
Al Stewart
27 Jul 2016
How much of our life can we really control? Jesus' answer may disturb you, but it may also be the path to peace and joy

Finally, what does it mean to live for this life and for the next?

The Forum in Sydney
Al Stewart
25 Mar 2015
What does it mean to live for this life and for the next?

In the Beginning - The Surprise of Love in the Midst of Disaster

2019 Calendar of Events
Glenn Hohnberg
24 Mar 2015
Webcast for Brisbane City Forum 24 March 2015


City Legal
Sam Chan
5 Feb 2015
What is success? Sam Chan explores what Jesus says about success and happiness