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Ep 111: Dystopia - what are you afraid of?

Bigger Questions
Shane Rogerson, Stephanie Gear
23 Sep 2018
Why is fear so powerful?

Ep 110: Superheroes - do we need another one? | Sam Chan

Bigger Questions
Sam Chan
16 Sep 2018
Haven't we had enough of them? Why are they so popular?

Ep 109: Comedy - should I laugh or should I cry? | Sam Chan

Bigger Questions
Sam Chan
9 Sep 2018
What makes something funny? The line between comedy and tragedy can be very fine.

Ep 108: Trashy TV - why can't we turn away? | Sam Chan

Bigger Questions
Sam Chan
2 Sep 2018
Why is reality TV so addictive and compelling?

Ep 84: What is beautiful about life?

Bigger Questions
Anna McGahan
1 Oct 2017
In a beautiful and unexpected conversation we ask Australian actress and playwright Anna McGahan some bigger questions.

Ep 80: Is there an even better story? (than the 600 films released each year)

Bigger Questions
Russ Matthews
27 Aug 2017
Every year Hollywood releases around 600 films. Is there an even better story that films might provide a way into?

Behind the magic - Why do films matter?

The Edge
Mark Hadley, Giles Hardie
22 Jun 2017
What does the film industry do to keep you coming back for more?

Ep 56: Fact or fiction? The greatest Christmas Kung-Fu story ever told

Bigger Questions
Mikey Bayliss
11 Dec 2016
Is the Christmas story fact or fiction? Hear about a Kung Fu version of the Christmas story

Ep 43: The X Files returns: is the truth still out there?

Bigger Questions
Christina Smith, Michael Smith
12 Jun 2016
Are we alone in the universe? Would the existence of intelligent alien life challenge the Christian message?

Jesus @ the Movies: Interstellar

Scott Pasley
23 Jun 2015
Jesus @ the Movies: Interstellar