Exploring People's Worldviews | City Bible Forum Plus
Building bridges for better understanding

A worldview is a lens through which we engage with the world and filter ideas. Everyone has a worldview - whether we are conscious of it or not - and our worldview defines how we see everything from the nature of reality to the purpose of life. Increasingly, Christians in the workplace need to engage with our colleagues’ worldviews if we are to explain Jesus in a meaningful way to them. By thinking through different worldviews we can empathise with our colleagues better and identify opportunities and challenges towards a Christian worldview built on Christ.


  1. Engaging with peoples' worldviews
  2. Engaging through peoples' existential cries
  3. Major worldview: Islam
  4. Major worldview: Buddhism
  5. Major worldview: Secular Humanism
  6. Beyond caricature: a melting pot of worldviews

These studies are short modules to help readers think more deeply about different areas of your workplace witness. They are designed to be used in Evangelistic Prayer Teams (EPTs), but can also be used in any small group setting.

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