Prayer and Your Workplace | City Bible Forum Plus
Bible Bites #1

A series of 10 studies tackling the questions "what is prayer?" (studies #1-4), "why we should pray?" (studies #5-6) and "how might we particular pray for our workplace?" (studies #7-10).

  1. The Goal Of Prayer: Hallowed Be Your Name
  2. Prayer: Speaking To Your Father
  3. Prayer: Enabled By The Son
  4. Prayer: Empowered By The Spirit
  5. Why Bother Praying?
  6. Why Pray With Others?
  7. Pray For Workplace Friendships
  8. Pray For Your Living Witness
  9. Pray For Your Colleagues’ Salvation
  10. Pray For A Flourishing Workplace


Further Reading

  1. Lessons In Workplace Prayer From John Calvin
  2. Five Reasons Why You Should Pray With Others
  3. Hallowed Be Your Name...In My Office


Bible Bites are short small group reflections where we let the Bible focus our thinking and discussion on how faith intersects with our work and workplace witness.

This booklet was originally produced by City Bible Forum, Melbourne © 2015