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A soul's search for meaning

We're constantly looking for meaning in life - a sense of purpose or identity that has lasting value. Am I defined by my job, possessions, and relationships? Should I amuse myself with frivolous activity? The book of Ecclesiastes resonates because it's realistic. It gives an honest description of what frustrates us in life, a life that can often feel hollow and futile. It dares to ask whether everything is meaningless.

We have developed a reading guide to help you ask the big questions of life.

Each reading guide chapter explores a big question, features parts of the Ecclesiastes and is further discussed in an accompanying Bigger Questions episode1.

Physical copies can be purchased from the City Bible Forum Melbourne office. Please contact us if you would like one!

1This series is currently still being recorded. We welcome you to join us at any of the remaining recordings, full list can be found here. Podcast links will be made available here after post production.